Regulatory Compliance & Investigations


Anchin’s Regulatory Compliance and Investigations group specializes in a variety of compliance and financial accounting services. With more than 30 years of experience, our team focuses on highly regulated industries including construction, transportation, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, not-for-profits, specialty health care and pharmaceuticals. We have monitored projects covering billions of dollars of costs. Our clients include numerous federal, state and local agencies.

We use easy-to-understand visuals and mapping tools to document and effectively present our findings to stakeholders and the community at large. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Integrity monitoring,
  • Municipal project compliance,
  • Privately-funded project compliance,
  • Damage calculations, and
  • Resident and zip code analysis.

We strive to provide excellent service and ensure your protection. Our proactive monitorships and investigations, and the implementation of the best strategies and processes, ensures that our most efficient data collection and analysis will exceed your needs.

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Results / Successes

Onondaga Lakeview Amphitheatre


A county awarded a contract for a $55 million project to a construction company. As part of the contract to design and build an amphitheater, the construction company had to adhere to certain MWBE utilization requirements. Our team was engaged to examine and monitor the company’s implementation of the county’s diversity plan. To do this, we…

  • Incorporated digital systems, analytical procedures and controls and processes designed to ensure compliance to the diversity goals;
  • Conducted a wage analysis utilizing certified payroll records in order to evaluate the economic impact to the region and its inhabitants and verify wage payments for each employee on the project as well as quantify total earnings for the project;
  • Consistently reviewed documents, conducted outreach programs with prime contractors and subcontractors and continued to monitor for compliance with the diversity plan for the duration of the project;
  • Reviewed compliance to the Davis-Bacon Act for prevailing wages and the project labor agreement in place.

Rochester Schools Modernization Program (Phase 1 and Phase 2)


A large municipality enacted a $760 million bonded, multi-phase modernization program for its schools. In order to comply with funding requirements, the municipality must adhere to certain MWBE, DBE and small business entity (SBE) minimum requirements when awarding contracts and with the prime contractor’s hiring of employees. Our team was engaged to consistently examine and monitor the implementation of the diversity plan by…

  • Incorporating digital systems, analytical procedures and controls and processes to ensure compliance;
  • Reviewing documentation;
  • Conducting outreach programs with prime and sub-contractors.

To date, we have reviewed and verified approximately 3,500,000 hours.

Mohawk Valley Health System: Regional Medical Campus


Anchin RCI was engaged to monitor a $500 million new hospital and medical campus construction project’s compliance with the strict policy requirements and goals tied to the $300 million grant issued by the New York State Department of Health. Our team…

  • Incorporated digital systems to examine and monitor Davis-Bacon wage and project labor agreement compliance;
  • Reviewed reports of payments issues to MWBE subcontractors in accordance to goals;
  • Assisted the project management team in planning and preparing of a utilization plan of approximately $90 million;
  • Identified areas of potential MWBE participation, certified firms with the proper NAICS codes to complete these scopes of work, and assisted the project manager in contacting these firms.

New York State IDA MWBE Compliance Monitorship

We are engaged by a NYS Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to develop and implement an ongoing, interactive monitoring approach to track and improve contractors’ compliance with the City’s Economic Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy, and to develop a concise and effective reporting system for periodic reports to the city.

Detecting Employee Theft from a Not-for-Profit

Not-for-profits often have good missions and are filled with trusting employees. In this case, the CFO of a not-for-profit took advantage of the organization and stole over $1 million. He or she was able to do so because the fact that he or she was performing multiple jobs had gone undetected.

Theft by Government Employee

We uncovered and stopped theft by a county employee from his or her organization, which had gone unnoticed for over 6 years and culminated in around $7 million stolen.

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