GAAP Readiness Assessments


Our professionals have significant experience advising companies to be in compliance with U.S. GAAP reporting, including anything from new accounting pronouncements, to preparing for an initial year audit or assisting management with transitioning internally prepared financial statements to U.S. GAAP compliant reporting.

From advising on technical accounting and financial reporting matters that arise during the course of an audit, to the final drafting of the financial statements and all required footnotes under U.S. GAAP, our team will work alongside you to provide an analysis and assessment of your business operations to successfully guide your business into the future.


  • ASC 606: Revenue recognition from contracts with customers, including:
    • Implementation and onboarding costs
    • Costs to obtain customer contracts
    • Principal vs. agent considerations
  • Accounting for debt and equity instruments, including:
    • SAFE and convertible notes
    • Stock option grants
    • Profits interest grants
    • Restricted stock awards
  • Software and website development costs
  • Current and deferred income tax provisions
  • Business acquisitions and combinations
  • ASC 842: Accounting for operating and financing leases
  • Drafting of key accounting policy memos
  • Drafting of financial statements and footnote disclosures

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