Anchin Women's Initiative Network (AWIN)



Kristen DiNicola – Senior Manager, Head of Learning & Development and Terry Pissi – Partner, Head of the Anchin Women’s Initiative Network (AWIN)


Led by Partner Terry Pissi, along with Partner Megan Klingbeil and Senior Manager Rebecca Long, the Anchin Women’s Initiative Network (AWIN) provides Anchin women at all levels with mentorship, leadership development training, and direct access to management – all designed to help with individualized personal and professional growth.  We help our women professionals advance their careers by:

  • Guiding women beyond technical training. We believe that it takes more than being technical to be a well-rounded professional.
  • Teaching business development skills that are critical for success in today’s competitive market.
  • Promoting networking and mentoring. With almost 500 professionals, we know that it is not easy to get to know everyone. Our programs bring together a group of women who share common goals.
  • Enhancing the retention of our own professionals. By offering these training sessions, we continue to make Anchin the employer of choice for professionals.

Women in Tech (WIT) – Inaugural gathering of this female-driven tech group designed to bring like-minded women in the technology space together to expand their professional networks, provide mentorship opportunities and strategize new ways to grow their businesses.

Program Highlights

  • Women in Tech (WIT) – Recently launched female-driven tech group.
  • Speakers and topics for AWIN are based on surveys completed by participants. Most recently, this led directly to the development of Women’s Wednesdays, quarterly roundtable sessions based on industry issues and professional growth.
  • The Financial Gym: A budgeting bootcamp, with special consideration taken for women’s needs.

  • Celebrating Women’s History Month:
    • Highlighting the unique perspectives of women at different leadership levels and across different departments, an internal panel featured some of the firm’s women leaders discussing their experiences and lessons learned during their careers. Our speakers candidly shared their stories & challenges and provided insight on what has made them successful.
    • Empowerment Mindset for Women seminar, led by Marino Wellness.
    • A seminar led by Marino Wellness exploring Brene Brown’s famous concepts of embracing vulnerability, the importance of self-acceptance, and the power of stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Maurer Foundation presentation on Breast Health and firm-wide Breast Cancer walks.
  • Virtual Happy Hours and post-holiday get-togethers.
  • Presentations on Work/Life balance.
  • A Lean In roundtable discussion where Anchin women discussed their thoughts and opinions of Sheryl Sandberg’s book ultimately improving internal communication and networking skills within the Firm. Purchased copies of Sandberg’s book were given to program participants to read prior to discussion.
  • A marketing 101 workshop to help women of Manager level and above enhance their marketing and networking skills in addition to creating a marketing mentor network system.