Client Accounting Advisory Services

Businesses today need to optimize their accounting and finance functions and align them with their goals in order to grow. Improving cash flow, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs are all important considerations.

Anchin is a full-service accounting and advisory firm that provides reliable solutions for thriving in today’s challenging economic conditions and fueling growth. Our specialists offer advanced client account advisory services (CAS) tailored for your business and industry.

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Client Accounting Services for Various Industries

We have a proven track record of assisting clients who are operating in a remote work environment. Our expertise is adaptable to these businesses, including those in key industries such as:

  • Public relations and advertising
  • Technology
  • Real estate
  • Consumer products
  • Construction and architecture
  • Manufacturing and distribution

We offer all the essential services for businesses of every size and scope. We can provide everything from basic bookkeeping for tracking income, expenses, and liabilities to financial forecasting and big-picture planning and strategizing. Our objective is to improve your business’s overall performance and profitability.

Engaging a highly-rated accounting, tax and advisory firm with a wealth of diverse experience is the preferred option for many companies. By leveraging technology, we use critical business data to partner with you to deliver the tools and guidance you need, where and when needed, in order to help you make the best-informed decision for your organization.

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About Our Client Accounting Advisory Services

Our team has the capability and knowledge to provide a wide range of accounting and advisory services customized for your business.

Accounting services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash management and reconciliation
  • Sales tax and other local tax compliance
  • Payroll and benefit administration
  • Bill payment services (bank and credit cards) — including expense tracking and expense allocation
  • Lease accounting and new standard implementation
  • Lease administration
  • Revenue recognition
  • Real estate accounting services

Advisory services include:

  • Budgeting — design, tracking, and comparison
  • Preparation for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Audit readiness preparation and assistance
  • Cash flow projections
  • Industry-specific analysis and benchmarking
  • Developing performance summaries, including KPIs and dashboards
  • Recommendations for business improvements
  • Client team training, education, and upskilling
  • M&A transaction support and due diligence
  • SPAC transactions
  • IPO readiness
  • Complex transaction review

Benefits & Outcomes

Many organizations have found that outsourcing their accounting and finance functions adds efficiency and allows management to better focus on growth, operations, and strategic initiatives. Management is also relieved of employee turnover, onboarding, training, PTO-related costs, and other overhead, resulting in cost savings and an improved bottom line.

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Additional benefits may include:

  • Access to our team: Our experienced team of financial executives and industry specialists is available to you at all times, to provide a range of services and bridge the gaps in your accounting.
  • Scalability of resources and workforce: Whether you need accounting or CFO-level advice, we can provide the appropriate services and expertise at the right time. If the size and scale of your organization change, we can immediately adapt our services to all of your needs.
  • Seamless integration with your team: Working with your existing leadership and staff, the accessibility and scalability we provide create a smooth process as your organization changes.
  • A robust network: Our team of industry thought leaders and specialists provide in-depth knowledge across the gamut of business services.
  • Best practices: Implementation of best practices as they relate to reducing redundancy, improving statutory compliance, technology, and industry challenges. This also enables us to provide you with more accurate and timely reporting and the ability to make real-time adjustments to your organization.


The quality and adaptability of our client accounting advisory services have enabled us to achieve results for numerous companies. Examples of our successful outcomes include:

Reconciliation of historical records for a large distributor

We were engaged by a large distributor to reconcile, adjust and restate historical multi-year financial statements to comply with GAAP in contemplation of the sale of a business by its founders. This project involved the completion of multi-year proofs of cash, balance sheet account reconciliations, the restatement of revenues to conform with GAAP, estimations of key allowances and reserves and computation of normalized EBITDA.

Prepared IPO records for a large retailer

Worked with a large retailer to assist in preparing the company’s records for an IPO, which included researching and reporting on complex accounting and financial reporting matters relating to lease obligations, stock-based compensation, complex debt instruments, and impairment of long-lived assets. We also prepared the financial statements in accordance with SEC reporting requirements, prepared analyses of key accounts, and supported the independent accountants in their audits of the financial statements. Subsequent to the successful IPO, we assisted management in the preparation of interim and annual financial statements and in responding to SEC comment letters.

A Customized & Dedicated Team

The Anchin client accounting services team consists of dedicated specialist partners and knowledgeable financial professionals who understand the short- and long-term financial challenges your business faces. We recognize that the ability to overcome obstacles is essential for remaining viable and gaining a competitive advantage.

We take a personalized approach that ensures all clients receive the individualized attention they demand and deserve. You will have access to a primary point of contact who will respond to your needs and address your questions and concerns promptly.

Experience the Advantages of Our Client Accounting Advisory Services

By integrating with your tax department, Anchin helps your company establish an internal accounting function with high-level expertise and customizable tools and resources that increase efficiency. You will also experience the benefits of outsourced client accounting advisory services:

  • Time savings: We can remove some of the burden from your team’s shoulders, giving them more time to focus on other essential functions.
  • Compliance: Our extensive knowledge of the continually evolving regulatory landscape helps your company avoid potentially costly violations and financial penalties.
  • Fraud prevention: You will reduce the risk of internal fraud by outsourcing client accounting services to a reputable, security-conscious third-party provider like Anchin.
  • Enhanced decision-making: You will have access to accurate financial information and data to help you make better business decisions.
  • Advanced technologies: We use the latest accounting software to maximize accuracy, efficiency, and security.


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