Professional Services

The Professional Services Group serves the unique needs of Law Firms, Public Relations, Advertising and Media companies, Staffing and Recruiting Firms, and other consulting businesses.

A business that provides intangible, idea-based services needs financial reporting, accounting, and tax guidance specific to its operations in order to make sound decisions about long-term strategy.

For Law Firms, Anchin adds value to traditional accounting, audit, and tax services with critical guidance on tax-effective compensation and partner buyout models that support business health and growth. We provide proven methods to improve internal controls, reduce overhead costs, and help develop strategic plans to stay ahead in an evolving market for legal services.

For Public Relations firms, Advertising and Media companies, we provide optimized and customized service for the unique structure and environment in which these businesses operate. We advise on budgeting, cash flow projections, profitability analyses, revenue recognition, and strategic tax planning in order to help you meet your financial goals.

For Staffing and Recruiting companies, we provide a wide range of services that span from audited and reviewed financial statements to assisting in optimizing entity structure and ownership for enhanced financial outcomes. Our clients range from temporary and contingent to direct placement and executive leadership staffing. We are committed to guiding and supporting businesses in the staffing and recruiting industry by paving new pathways for sustained success.

Consulting businesses benefit from strategic accounting and finance guidance to help manage growth. Anchin offers solutions to streamline revenue processes and improve internal systems and procedures. Our insight can help you develop a more effective approach to maximizing tax benefits and aligning the company for growth and exit strategies. We extend our strategic tax planning beyond the company to also include the individual partners and shareholders.

Anchin also offers an insightful and experienced approach to identify and maximize available tax credits, as well as other state and local incentives. We also have deep experience advising professional services companies as they expand geographically, both domestically and internationally, and on compensation and benefits.

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