Divorce may not always derail family finances, but it often impacts their lifestyle and long-term planning. Emotional aspects are further complicated when the well-being of children, businesses and investment assets are at stake. Anchin Private Client has the expertise to guide family members during trying times such as divorce or the death of a spouse and to help restore a sense of normalcy. Through long-term planning and the need for ongoing support, parties are more likely to regain the financial and emotional freedom needed to move forward in the next phases of lives and careers. Our service offering includes:

  • Review of previously filed income and gift tax returns
  • Assistance with data collection for financial affidavits
  • Preparation of net worth statements
  • Review of separation/divorce agreements for tax implications on proposed settlements
  • Assistance with innocent spouse relief
  • Assistance with locating hidden assets through forensic examination
  • Assistance with determination of alimony/palimony requirements
  • Personal budget preparation
  • Assistance with the calculation of child support needs
  • Post-divorce income and estate tax planning and compliance
  • Bill paying and other personal financial services
  • Analysis of retirement planning options
  • Analysis of mortgage and debt
  • Analysis of life insurance levels and types
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