Emerging Companies Group


Anchin understands that entrepreneurs like you have a lot on their plate. Our team of professionals works alongside founders on all aspects of accounting, tax, and finance to guide their businesses into the future.

We understand the complex challenges faced by a growing business, such as navigating the complex state, local, and international tax landscape. In addition to tax compliance and planning, the Emerging Companies Group assists fast-growing companies with strategic business objectives including M&A and transaction advisory services, GAAP analysis, valuation consulting, employee incentive plans, tax credits and incentives (including the research and development tax credit), and advising on ultimate exit and succession planning strategies. We also work with founders to maximize tax benefits and prepare them for future opportunities.

Our experienced growth industries professionals stay on top of current trends and industry pain points to better support our clients with all of their strategic business decisions. We are dedicated to advising emerging growth companies like yours on matters that mean the most to you. We provide vision and insight to help you meet and exceed your financial goals, and position your business for success.

Services to Help Your Business

  • Tax returns and compliance
  • Supporting Founders
    • Ongoing advice and tax strategies/
  • M&A and Due diligence services
  • Buy/Sell consulting
  • Develop key performance indicators
  • Entity structure and agreements
  • Equity/Debt raises
  • Equity compensation planning
  • Exploring bank financing
  • Financial projections
  • GAAP Compliance
  • International Tax planning
  • Multi-state nexus compliance
    • Income and sales tax
  • Outsourced Accounting Services
  • QSBS Strategies
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Tax credits and incentives (R&D)
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Valuation Services

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