Learning and Development

At Anchin, We Build Leaders.

It all starts with our people.  As advisors, we know that our clients expect and deserve top notch service and the best way we can provide that is to have the best people.  For this reason, development is a core element of Anchin’s culture, and we make sure it is woven into every aspect of life at Anchin.  From formal training programs, to ensuring our people are challenged every day on the job, to our Development Coaching program — development is always a priority.

Anchin’s commitment to developing next generation leaders is evident through our firm’s makeup – more than half of Anchin partners started their career at Anchin and have grown with us into the positions they hold today. Our history has taught us, firsthand, how important internal, home-grown development is, and our partners willingly share their knowledge and encourage those at all levels to do the same. At the same time, we rely on those making lateral moves into our firm to share their experiences and teach us what has led them to success.  We are always listening and are able to continually grow our learning culture through the experiences of others.

We tailor our learning plans to the individual – each person is educated on a mix of technical skills, industry skills and leadership skills based on their own individual needs, their area of expertise and their desired career path. We supplement our formal programs, such as our Leadership Development program, Business Development track and Executive Lecture series with challenging assignments. We also provide personalized coaching to help identify and achieve learning and development goals.  This one-on-one coaching provides guidance, support, and feedback as our people navigate their learning journey.

Anchin provides a catalogue of approximately 350 internal courses per year, a robust on-demand library and employs a mix of internal subject matter experts and well-regarded outside instructors to educate our people and ensure we are bringing out the best in everyone.

We are committed to providing the highest quality resources and support to help everyone at Anchin reach their full potential.  We believe that learning and development is a lifelong journey and are essential for personal and professional growth, and we are excited to be part of the journey.