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Risk Advisory Technology Services

Constant advances in technology can provide any business with new tools to enable growth and manage business risk more effectively. The pace of change, however, heightens the need to continuously adapt systems and processes to ensure both security and efficiency.

Many organizations struggle to launch their digital transformation journey.  No matter where you are in the process, Anchin Digital Risk Solutions (ADRS) provides risk advisory technology solutions to help you overcome the complex challenges involved with data, cyber and digital transformation.

Clients often reach us when traditional applications have failed; we can provide fast-track protection to organizations during their most vulnerable moments. ADRS offers sophisticated acumen with technology, and extensive risk advisory expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions. The first priority is to prevent a situation from getting worse; when engaged preventatively, we can create a new competitive advantage.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  1. Digital Transformation: Using an AI-based technology toolset and extensive operational and technological expertise, the ADRS team will assess current operational needs, management’s mindset and anticipate future needs. We’ll assist to build out the roadmap towards a successful and profitable transformation. Whether you’re considering a new ERP system or want to move to cloud-based operations, ADRS can help make the transition efficient and effective.
  2. Risk Advisory: ADRS risk advisory services enable business owners to make impactful risk-based decisions.  Whether it’s identifying key risks through a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management program or developing key risk indicator dashboards ADRS will give leaders a sense of the risks that truly affect their business.
  3. Advanced Analytics: ADRS provides guidance and tools to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your data.
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Process Optimization

ADRS has developed a line of sight into emerging risks and opportunities. Our solutions have the capability to automate the capture management’s mindset from internal documentation and data through which we build computerized simulation models that allow our team and yours to visually “see” the most optimized and controlled business processes.

Our capabilities include the ability to:

  • Rapidly document and understand business processes
  • Identify opportunities to improve those processes using automated tools.
  • Optimize the amount of human support needed.
  • Redesign the way work gets done
  • Application and assessment of Blockchain for your operations

Client Examples:

Call Center Re-engineering

A major metropolitan city sought to re-engineer its call center to reduce the average wait time and maintain compliance with the seven day resolution regulatory requirement. The solution was able to overcome an inflexible budget, a hard deadline and a history of project overrun to help the client accomplish its goals.

Accounting Process Automation

A client struggled with managing accounting for its philanthropic grants. With the implementation of a new general ledger the use and analysis of this information has become more critical and beyond the current workarounds that have been band-aiding the effort for years. A solution was built in four weeks that enabled the automation of the ingestion of the grant data into the new general ledger. What was over an 80 hour per month exercise was reduced to under 2 hours.

Risk Management

Most companies want to and need to get ahead of known and unknown risks.  They recognize the competitive advantage this type of information can bring.  The ROI can be extremely profitable to many organizations. With actionable insights and a comprehensive view of risks, organizations can stay ahead of threats and build confidence and trust in this new paradigm.

Traditional risk management programs can often be reactive, slow and biased. This results in many risks going unmonitored and unmitigated until it is too late.  ADRS provides a clear line of sight into emerging risks as well as opportunities.  Connecting technology and business is one of the tenets of a capable risk and compliance initiative. Our solutions have the ability to capture management’s mindset from internal documentation and data to ensure that the management of risk maintains the strategic vision of the company’s leadership.

To best assess potential risk we employ:

  • Key risk indicator development (KRI)
  • Risk profiling & risk appetite analysis
  • Analytics data collection, benchmarking and analysis
  • Risk Sensing solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Taxonomy Analysis

Client Example:

Enterprise Risk Management

A medical device manufacturer was looking to implement an Enterprise Risk Management process. Using our AI based technology that embedded various regulatory standards and operational best practices, we created an objective risk focused view into the company.  This solution allowed them to explore options and tradeoffs relating to future goals and strategies, while maintaining a usable less burdensome structure. ERM became a living part of the organization.

Business Analytics

Data is useless without the skills and expertise to analyze it.  The ADRS team has years of experience in data analysis and business process acumen. We help you connect the dots and analyze the data you may not know you have. Using automated tools, we’ll document and understand your business processes to identify opportunities to improve workflow efficiency, and we’ll deliver solutions that identify how to streamline operations while ensuring quality and compliance standards stay strong. 

Effective analytics comes from the careful examination and exploration of how information flows through and can improve your business. Some benefits include:

ADRS uses a toolset and a service methodology for creating customized solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Advanced Monitoring Capabilities
  • Process Automation
  • Implementing Robotics Process Automation
  • Data Aggregation and Extraction
  • Data Ingestion and Transformation
  • Forensic Analysis & Discovery
  • Cost Savings Initiatives

An example of how this can impact your bottom line:

Self-Funded Health Benefits

  • For a large manufacturer the retroactive compliance review of provider billing focused on payment guidelines and policies. Once identified and settled with the provider, our team recovered the monies due the plan.

Blockchain Advisory Services

New technology continues to arise in this digital age.  ADRS is well prepared for the next wave of technology and how it will affect your business.  Blockchain and digital assets have many different applications to business as we know it today and how it will transform business tomorrow.  As Blockchain moves towards actual implementation, we know that the process involves more than just the technology.  There are regulatory, tax, risk, and compliance issues that come with any platform.  Our team of experts have real experience in the application and assessment of Blockchain for your operations.

Our work includes pre-launch design and evaluation based on real analysis and simulation. We also provide post launch monitoring, maintenance via reporting, analytics, and decision support software development.

We deliver the following services to clients:

  • Strategy development
  • Integrating systems and operations
  • Designing relevant use cases and validation
  • Addressing governance and tax implications
  • Designing proof of concepts and prototypes
  • Ongoing management support throughout the life cycle of the Blockchain network