Regulatory Compliance & Investigations

Taking the extra steps to ensure compliance

Anchin’s Regulatory Compliance and Investigations group specializes in a variety of compliance and financial accounting services. With more than 30 years of experience, our team focuses on highly regulated industries including construction, transportation, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, not-for-profits, specialty health care and pharmaceuticals. We have monitored projects covering billions of dollars of costs. Our clients include numerous federal, state and local agencies.

We use easy-to-understand visuals and mapping tools to document and effectively present our findings to stakeholders and the community at large. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Integrity monitoring,
  • Municipal project compliance,
  • Privately-funded project compliance,
  • Damage calculations, and
  • Resident and zip code analysis.

We strive to provide excellent service and ensure your protection. Our proactive monitorships and investigations, and the implementation of the best strategies and processes, ensures that our most efficient data collection and analysis will exceed your needs.

Onondaga Lakeview Amphitheatre


A county awarded a contract for a $55 million project to a construction company. As part of the contract to design and build an amphitheater, the construction company had to adhere to certain MWBE utilization requirements. Our team was engaged to examine and monitor the company’s implementation of the county’s diversity plan. To do this, we…

  • Incorporated digital systems, analytical procedures and controls and processes designed to ensure compliance to the diversity goals;
  • Conducted a wage analysis utilizing certified payroll records in order to evaluate the economic impact to the region and its inhabitants and verify wage payments for each employee on the project as well as quantify total earnings for the project;
  • Consistently reviewed documents, conducted outreach programs with prime contractors and subcontractors and continued to monitor for compliance with the diversity plan for the duration of the project;
  • Reviewed compliance to the Davis-Bacon Act for prevailing wages and the project labor agreement in place.

Rochester Schools Modernization Program (Phase 1 and Phase 2)


A large municipality enacted a $760 million bonded, multi-phase modernization program for its schools. In order to comply with funding requirements, the municipality must adhere to certain MWBE, DBE and small business entity (SBE) minimum requirements when awarding contracts and with the prime contractor’s hiring of employees. Our team was engaged to consistently examine and monitor the implementation of the diversity plan by…

  • Incorporating digital systems, analytical procedures and controls and processes to ensure compliance;
  • Reviewing documentation;
  • Conducting outreach programs with prime and sub-contractors.

To date, we have reviewed and verified approximately 3,500,000 hours.

Mohawk Valley Health System: Regional Medical Campus


Anchin RCI was engaged to monitor a $500 million new hospital and medical campus construction project’s compliance with the strict policy requirements and goals tied to the $300 million grant issued by the New York State Department of Health. Our team…

  • Incorporated digital systems to examine and monitor David-Bacon wage and project labor agreement compliance;
  • Reviewed reports of payments issues to MWBE subcontractors in accordance to goals;
  • Assisted the project management team in planning and preparing of a utilization plan of approximately $90 million;
  • Identified areas of potential MWBE participation, certified firms with the proper NAICS codes to complete these scopes of work, and assisted the project manager in contacting these firms.

  • Gotham Affordable Housing

    A construction management company engaged Anchin to review and monitor the wage and hour requirements enacted on a large affordable housing capital project. In order to accomplish our objectives, we…

    • Reviewed each contractor’s workforce in real-time;
    • Maintained active records for the client and stakeholders;
    • Met regularly with the construction management team to provide active status updates and detailed quarterly reports.

  • New York State IDA MWBE Compliance Monitorship
    We are engaged by a NYS Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to develop and implement an ongoing, interactive monitoring approach to track and improve contractors’ compliance with the City’s Economic Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy, and to develop a concise and effective reporting system for periodic reports to the city.

  • Detecting Employee Theft from a Not-for-Profit
    Not-for-profits often have good missions and are filled with trusting employees. In this case, the CFO of a not-for-profit took advantage of the organization and stole over $1 million. He or she was able to do so because the fact that he or she was performing multiple jobs had gone undetected.

  • Theft by Government Employee
    We uncovered and stopped theft by a county employee from his or her organization, which had gone unnoticed for over 6 years and culminated in around $7 million stolen.
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Brian Sanvidge discusses PPP Fraud with ABC News

Brian Sanvidge discusses PPP Fraud with Fox News


  • Anchin in the News
    What organizations need to know about unemployment fraudOctober 29, 2021

    Brian Sanvidge, Leader of Anchin's Regulatory Compliance and Investigations Practice, sat down with the Journal of Accountancy to discuss what organizations need to know about unemployment fraud and how to prevent falling victim to it.

  • Anchin Alert
    $3 Million Settlement for Underpayment of Wages to 911 Operators in Nassau County, New YorkSeptember 30, 2021

    On August 25, 2021, New York federal judge James M. Wicks approved a settlement deal that will require Nassau County, New York to pay $3 million to a collective of 911 dispatch operators for unpaid overtime. The negotiated deal comes five years after the group alleged that the county wasn’t paying the operators for the overtime they were required to work every seven weeks and that the county miscalculated their compensation rate.

  • Anchin in the News
    How the Biden Administration’s Proposed Tax Plan Could Affect Your Real Estate BusinessAugust 9, 2021

    There’s no telling what policies from President Biden’s new tax plan will pass through Congress, but what we do know is that there are some key items you should be aware of if your business is in the real estate industry.

  • Anchin in the News
    President Biden’s Tax Proposal and “The Perfect Storm” - What it means for real estate August 3, 2021

    In the movie, The Perfect Storm, based on a true story, the captain of the commercial fishing vessel, the Andrea Gail, made the fateful decision to head to the Flemish Cap where he expected his luck would improve. He was right—the catch was great—and wrong—there was a perfect storm straight ahead. He attempted to ride through it, however, two colliding weather fronts and a strong hurricane were more than the Andrea Gail could weather, and the entire crew was lost at sea.

  • Anchin in the News
    Interest in Opportunity Zones Peaks as Higher Rates LoomJuly 27, 2021

    The real possibility of higher capital gains rates has fueled interest by investors in opportunity zone funds.

    While Code Section 1400Z, providing for the funds, was slipped into the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act late in the legislative process and with little fanfare, it quickly became popular with investment advisors.

  • Anchin in the News
    Planning Ahead: Expected Changes for the Real Estate Industry July 15, 2021

    The Trump Administration enacted one of the largest changes to the tax code when it passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs of 2017 (“TCJA”), which contained various provisions that resulted in significant benefits to the real estate industry, such as the pass-through deduction and the extension of bonus depreciation, to name a few. The question now is, how will this, and other long-standing federal policy norms that the real estate industry relies on to do business, all change under the Biden Administration?

  • Anchin in the News
    ‘Totally Inadequate’: CRE Tax Experts Say City Underestimating Extent Of FalloutJuly 2, 2021

    New York City slashed property values this year, drastically reducing tax obligations for many commercial landlords across the city. But even with assessments down by more than 20% in some cases, some owners say the reductions are not nearly enough relief, given the circumstances, and are squaring up to fight the city with greater force than ever before.

  • Anchin in the News
    Business & Finance AwardsJune 30, 2021

    Robert S. Gilman, CPA, CGMA, is an accounting and audit partner at Anchin and co-leader of the firm’s real estate group. He has extensive experience serving real estate owners, developers, and operators in both the commercial and residential sectors. Gilman advises his clients on day-today operations, tax saving opportunities, and transactional support that includes due diligence on the acquisition and disposition of real estate, 1031 exchanges, and opportunity zones. His experience extends to tax structuring on deals, securing financing, reviewing, and analyzing operating agreements and assisting with client investor relations for both domestic and international investors. Gilman also advises clients on financial and estate planning, budgeting, tax planning, and cash flow strategies. Many of his clients’ projects are built from the ground up and require intensive reviews of construction and ancillary costs. He also consults on compliance, accounting, and tax issues that impact the real estate industry.

  • Anchin in the News
    Anchin: Personalized Accounting Services for Holistic GrowthJune 18, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to accounting firms and their clients, many of whom are still working on a strategy to combat this unprecedented situation. While CFOs and other finance professionals spent much of 2020 addressing the pandemic's hardships, in 2021 they will likely be shifting their focus toward implementing long-term plans to position their organizations for growth and profitability. Despite its toll on people and businesses, the pandemic has created an opportunity for accounting firm leaders to influence positive outcomes by reevaluating and adjusting their goals and executing wellthought-out strategies. As a result, advisory services are among the fastest-growing segments for firms such as Anchin, one of the country's leading accounting and advisory firms. Since the onset of the pandemic, Anchin’s team of professionals have made it a priority to assist their clients through COVID-19 related hardships including guiding clients through the transition to remote working, evaluating cash flow and costs, and providing them with continuous information and updates on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and other incentives and programs.

  • Anchin in the News
    NYC Real Estate Biz is Fighting Bevy of New Taxes, RegulationsJune 15, 2021

    The real estate industry is reeling in the face of new legislation, extended eviction moratoriums, environmental regulation and higher taxes. Now, trade organization and industry leaders vow to fight back.Most recently, industry executives are warning that the Biden administration’s plans to hike the tax on long term capital gains above $1 million from 20% to the top bracket would result in a top bracket rate of 43.4%. In late May, the administration also revealed that the capital gains tax hike would be retroactively applied to assets sold after April 2021. 

  • Anchin in the News
    Pittsburgh Mayor Cracks Down on Construction FraudMay 14, 2021

    In light of recent incidents involving unreported cash payments by subcontractors on construction projects, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto has signed an executive order to combat construction fraud, promote worker safety and protect city tax revenue. The Construction Fraud Executive Order cracks down on fraudulent construction companies that commit tax, insurance and workers’ compensation fraud. It also aims to stop the practice of paying workers in cash to avoid taxes.

  • Anchin in the News
    Biden Tax Proposal Would Squeeze Apartment-Building OwnersMay 11, 2021

    The Biden proposal has yet to become part of a bill and passed by Congress. But property investors already view it as the latest threat to their business after the pandemic undercut many of the biggest real-estate categories. Widespread work-from-home policies have reduced office demand while travel restrictions have hurt hotel owners.

  • Anchin Alert
    The U.S. Justice Department Takes Action Against COVID-19 Related FraudMay 3, 2021

    On criminal matters, the DOJ’s efforts to combat COVID-19 related fraud schemes have proceeded on several fronts. 

  • Anchin Alert
    Protecting Your Business From Fraud in the “Pandemic Economy” April 16, 2021

    Unfortunately, experience in prior crises shows that well-intentioned efforts to quickly provide aid in the form of large sums of funds to people in need can leave the door open to fraud.

  • Anchin in the News
    Digging Deeper: Parkview Health granted $1.1M PPP loan… but officials say they never sought itApril 9, 2021

    Brian Sanvidge tells ABC21 that the massive government-backed effort isn't designed for market-topping employers like Parkview Health.

  • Anchin in the News
    Best Bosses 2021April 5, 2021

    MARC WIEDER & ROBERT GILMAN Anchin, Block & Anchin As partners and co-leaders of the real estate practice group at Anchin, Block & Anchin, Marc Wieder and Robert Gilman lead a 36-member team that represents some of the biggest players in commercial real estate on everything from transactional guidance and 1031 exchanges to advisory on tax strategy to cash flow analysis. The duo has an impressive reputation among both clients and colleagues.

  • Anchin in the News
    Want Commercial Property Tax Relief? Don't Hold Your BreathMarch 28, 2021

    Economic slumps traditionally set off battles between local governments trying to make up lost revenue by holding the line on property taxes and property owners trying to cut their taxes to be more in line with their diminished bottom lines.

    For many commercial property owners, the pandemic-inspired recession has set that dynamic in play once again but with some new twists. For one thing, not all owners have had a hard time, such as most industrial owners. More importantly, tax experts say the prospect of a relatively short downturn might give taxing authorities the upper hand.

  • Anchin in the News
    Groups See Target on 1031 ExchangesMarch 26, 2021

    Concern is mounting that the Biden Administration’s next policy package could eliminate a crucial tax break for commercial real estate owners, which could translate into lower transaction volumes and demand for lending.

  • Anchin Alert
    The 30% Participation Goal for MWBEs: Challenges and OpportunitiesMarch 16, 2021

    Previously, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reauthorized the Executive Law Article 15-A to extend until December 31, 2024. Originally signed into law in July of 1988, this law seeks to level the playing field for minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) by establishing goals for MWBE involvement in construction projects. The newest participation goal is 30% of the budget for each year of your grant and is established based on the results of a 2016 disparity study.

  • Anchin in the News
    Anchin’s Real Estate Group’s Robert Gilman and Marc Wieder Named to Crain’s New York’s 2021 Most Notable in Real EstateFebruary 2, 2021

    NEW YORK--()--Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP (“Anchin”), a leading accounting, tax and advisory firm, today announced Robert Gilman and Marc Wieder, co-leaders of the Real Estate Group, have been recognized on Crain’s New York’s Notables in Real Estate list for 2021. The award honors real estate executives who have significantly impacted the New York City real estate industry, and celebrates their professional, civic and philanthropic achievements.

  • Anchin in the News
    How Class C Apartment Residents are Getting ByDecember 29, 2020

    The pandemic’s impact on apartment dwellers hasn’t been uniform.

  • Anchin in the News
    The Nitty Gritty on Federal Rent ReliefDecember 22, 2020

    As the multifamily sector welcomed the inclusion of $25 billion in rental assistance in the federal relief package, it rushed to decipher the 5,000-page bill.

  • Anchin in the News
    Paycheck Protection Fraud Is Massive And UnsurprisingAugust 29, 2020

    Brian Sanvidge, Leader of Anchin's Regulatory Compliance and Investigations Group, was interviewed by Peter J. Reilly of Forbes.

  • Anchin in the News
    Brian Sanvidge discusses PPP Fraud with Fox NewsAugust 5, 2020

    Brian Sanvidge, Leader of Anchin's Regulatory, Compliance and Investigation Group, told Fox News it's estimated that there will be 5 percent PPP fraud which translates into BILLIONS of dollars. 

  • Anchin in the News
    Anchin Expands Regulatory Compliance and Investigations, Hires Top Fraud and Investigations Expert Brian SanvidgeMay 15, 2019

    Anchin, a leading accounting and advisory firm based in New York City, announced that Brian Sanvidge, a Certified Inspector General and Certified Fraud Examiner, has joined the firm's Litigation, Forensic and Valuation Services group as Principal, Leader of Regulatory Compliance and Investigations.

  • Diverse group of people in construction hats
    Reauthorization of Article 15-A of the Executive Law and Its Ramifications

    On July 15, 2021, then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reauthorized Article 15-A of the Executive Law which was originally signed into law in July of 1988. The intent of the legislation was and remains to help promote greater employment and business opportunities for minority and women-owned enterprises (i.e., MWBEs). Through the law, goals have been set for MWBEs’ participation in construction projects. In this latest reauthorization of 15-A, a goal of 30% of the budget comprised of MWBE participation for each year of a state project grant has been established. This goal applies to construction projects involving grant applications for over $25,000. This goal was determined based on a study conducted in 2016 to assess disparities in contract awards. For both contractors and MWBEs, it is important to understand the nine sections of Article 15-A in order to facilitate compliance and support the intention of the law.

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