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Top Accounting Firms in New Jersey Commercial Real Estate 2023 – RE-NJ Spotlight

As published in the 2023 RE-NJ Top Accounting Firms in New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Issue


Anchin has deep experience working alongside real estate firms and developers of all sizes, including many of the industry’s top organizations.

Our Real Estate Group advises a broad range of clients including real estate owners, developers, fund managers, agents/brokers, property managers, movie studios, storage and hospitality facilities. Our clients operate across all real estate asset classes including commercial, residential (multifamily), industrial and hospitality.


Anchin’s comprehensive suite of specialty advisory services provides business owners with on-demand resources to grow a more efficient, resilient and profitable operation. While many clients already rely on us for tax and compliance work, our broad business expertise can add value to every aspect of your real estate business to improve processes and your bottom line, while establishing a strong foundation for longterm success. From restructuring real estate transactions to developing strategic plans to maximize stakeholder value and providing guidance on estate and succession planning, Anchin’s Real Estate group has been unwavering in our dedication to providing specialized services that are uniquely tailored to the real estate industry.


As the demand for streaming services continues to increase, the request for film and television studio space is following suit. Over the last few years, we have seen tremendous growth for clients seeking guidance on developing and operating film studios and sound stages. From managing ancillary and outsourced income to structuring agreements and managing financials, these clients are seeking a high-level and personalized strategy to grow their business operations. Our team provides well-rounded support for studio owners in all stages of their real estate transactions, including land acquisition, construction monitoring, tax structuring, tax credits and incentives and assisting with various considerations around the ancillary business offerings.


Over the last year, we were given the opportunity to work alongside a multigenerational real estate family that has substantial real estate holdings with a concentration in mixed-used properties. As part of the family’s onboarding, we reviewed their succession and estate plans and effectively developed a tax strategy that enabled their family to successfully restructure their estate plan. Our team identified several opportunities within the property holding entities to accelerate depreciation by utilizing cost segregation studies and fixed-asset studies. Our dedicated team helped the family to greatly reduce their tax burden, both currently and prospectively, and provided them with the opportunity to better manage their cash flow, while also enabling an effective transfer of the business to their younger generations.