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2023 Law Year-End Planning Guide

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As we go to press with our year-end planning guide, we can look back at a challenging year, both economically and in terms of tax planning. This past year has shown how the impact of high inflation and market volatility can alter how we live and do business. Staying one step ahead in this environment means being informed by understanding the current rules, being flexible by keeping abreast of potential changes, and being ready to act by starting to prepare for what might come.

This guide offers a variety of strategies for reducing your taxes in the current environment and a discussion of issues that could impact your firm. We encourage you to use this guide to identify the best strategies for your situation, along with guidance from your tax advisor, who can keep you apprised of any new tax law developments that might affect you.

Click here to read this year’s planning update. If you would like to discuss any of these techniques or planning ideas, please contact any member of Anchin’s Law Firm Group at your earliest convenience. We stand ready to help you plan effectively and to navigate through the various tax rules that may apply to your firm.