Pre-Immigration Planning – Individuals and Families

For individuals and their families looking to move to the U.S., taking advice on the prospective tax impact of such a move is a key service provided by Anchin’s Private Client Group. Due to the worldwide taxation system the U.S. implements its tax residents and citizens, it is strongly encouraged to address the complexities and intricacies of such a system for non-U.S. persons coming to the U.S. We provide clear advice and planning opportunities to relieve you from what can seem an overwhelming deluge of information on the topic.

Anchin will work with you and your overseas advisers to outline the U.S. tax consequences of your move to the U.S. and how it affects your specific personal circumstances. This will be done with a focus on both the U.S. and the overseas country(ies) with which you still have connections. We will cover federal and state income tax as well as estate and gift tax implications and provide planning opportunities where possible to mitigate any potential double taxation that may arise because of your arrival here.