In-Bound Expansion – Foreign Corporations coming to the U.S.

Many overseas businesses look to access the U.S. market as a key growth plan given the significant opportunities the U.S. market affords. A businesses needs are varied dependent on its current place in its journey and can include the need to expand as a consequence of a fundraise, the want to raise capital in the U.S., self-funded expansion and maybe even looking at a potential exit strategy. Doing business, raising money and maximizing a business’s value without experience of the U.S. market requires planning and key support from professionals who have the experience, knowledge and connections to help you succeed. We can help you ask and answer the questions that you do not know need to be asked.

Anchin’s International Services Group alongside our Emerging Companies Group (ECG) will provide you with the specialist tax and operational support required and provide a soft landing for your U.S. expansion plans and subsequently. You can utilize our International Services Group experience and technical acumen to ensure the most tax beneficial structure while working with our excellent ECG team to provide efficient and responsive support for your ongoing compliance and accounting needs.

There are several factors a business must consider on their US expansion journey that we are able to assist and support your needs with. As a business owner, CFO or COO we work alongside the team in your home country to establish what is important to you and your plans and understand those needs so that we can provide the specific services you require with a tailored plan when necessary.