2023 Consumer Products Year-End Tax Planning Guide

Navigate 2023's tax landscape with confidence: Explore our year-end guide, which offers specialized insights and tailored strategies for the consumer products industry. Adapt and thrive amidst new challenges with practical tax planning strategies and insights.

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Gain Clarity on the Current Tax Landscape

This guide delivers comprehensive insights into the 2023 tax landscape, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the consumer products industry. It is an essential resource for CPG professionals looking to navigate the current tax climate and make informed decisions.


Tailored Tax Strategies

The Consumer Products Industry, historically stable, now confronts new post-COVID challenges like potential recession and shifting consumer trends. These changes impact both business strategies and tax planning, requiring a nuanced approach. Our guide offers tailored tax insights for the CPG industry, emphasizing the need for individualized advice in this evolving landscape.


Prepare for Future Tax Changes

As the consumer products industry evolves, staying informed and prepared for potential tax changes is essential. This guide not only addresses current strategies but also prepares you for future scenarios, ensuring comprehensive readiness for what lies ahead.

Greg A. Wank

Executive Partner, Leader - Food & Beverage, Branded CPG

Marc Federbush

Partner, Leader – Consumer Products and Fashion

Megan Klingbeil, CPA

Partner – Consumer Products and Food & Beverage; Leader – Beauty, Health & Wellness

Stephen Plattman

Audit Partner

Michael Greenfield


Brent Lessey

Tax Partner

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