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Voices of Influence: Perspectives from Women in Anchin’s Services Group

March 22, 2024

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve invited select members of Anchin’s Services team, all remarkable women, to share their insights. Our intention is for this collection to inspire and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the exceptional accomplishments of the female professionals here at Anchin.

What is a motto or philosophy that you live by personally or professionally?

Caroline Zhang: My personal and professional motto is to always make the best of any situation, turning challenges into opportunities for growth, and maintaining a positive outlook. When life hands me lemons, I am committed to making lemonade and staying optimistic every step of the way.


Cristina Alcontin: Pay it forward. I’ve observed the power of paying it forward in both a professional and personal setting, and I firmly believe it’s not just a gesture but a way of life. When you extend kindness and support to others without expecting anything in return, blessings have a way of finding their way back to you.


Deborah de Vries: Everything happens for a reason. Some may find this philosophy as surrendering, but I find it comforting and uplifting at times. It’s important to not let this idea bring you to a place of complacency, but rather relish the good and find opportunities in the bad to reflect on and move forward. Each day we are faced with positive interactions and successes that are intermingled with challenges. Each positive response pushes us to continue the same trajectory with more vigor and the challenges allow us to refocus our approach and find a better way to approach situations moving forward.  It is important to remember to re-root yourself each day and to focus on what is important so that you can be best version of yourself for your family, colleagues, and clients.


Kamila Gosiewski: Strive for contentment with what you have while relentlessly pursuing your aspirations. It’s about cherishing the present moment while continuing to stay committed to pursuing and achieving my professional goals.


Marlen Preyger: Time spent stressing about a problem is time that could be spent creating a solution. When stressful moments happen, it’s important to not get caught up in them. I believe in tackling challenges with resilience and staying focused on the ultimate goal. Once you’re past the high stress moment, you will realize that’s all it was – a moment, and you’ll be glad that you didn’t let it interfere with your success.


Shawna Thibault: Approach each meeting with a smile, knowing that your demeanor shapes the outcome. I am a firm believer that a positive attitude, receptiveness to feedback, and fostering an environment of open communication can lead to enjoyable and more fruitful meetings. An optimistic mindset not only sets the tone for your day but also inspires others to share the same positivity.


Spiridoula Giannoulas: A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of it breaking, for her trust lies not in the branch but in her own wings. This quote emphasizes the importance of having trust and faith in oneself rather than relying solely on external circumstances or situations. It serves as a reminder to believe in our own abilities and resilience, empowering us to overcome challenges and soar to new heights.


What recent challenge have you faced and what challenges do you hope to overcome?

Zhanna Korneva: Balancing my responsibilities as an advisor and a mother posed a recent challenge, especially during tax season. Juggling demanding work hours with quality family time required resilience, but showed me the immense support my team can provide. I look forward to exploring strategies for effective time management and delegation, enabling me to excel in my career while prioritizing my role as a devoted mother to my family.


Knowledge is key. What are some things you have learned in the Services Group?

Beate Muehler-Martinez: As I navigate my new role at the firm, I’m immersing myself in working with various teams and getting acquainted with our clients. Specializing in the technology niche, I’m constantly learning about the intricacies of our tech clients. I’m grateful for the support and guidance from everyone, which has made this transition incredibly smooth and enriching.


Caroline Zhang: Fostering a culture of growth and collaboration involves being supportive, sharing knowledge, and embracing a mutual willingness to teach and learn together. Surrounding oneself with smart and knowledgeable individuals creates an environment where continuous learning and development thrive, ultimately leading to collective success.


Cristina Alcontin: Embrace growth and continue to expand your knowledge and generously share it with others.



Deborah de Vries: As a Co-leader in the Law Firms Group, I have learned the significance of recognizing diverse skill sets and strengths among team members. It’s important to empower and leverage each individual’s abilities to foster collective growth and success.


Kamila Gosiewski: I’ve learned the value of collaboration within the team. We all bring diverse ideas and suggestions, but by working together as one cohesive unit, we can better understand problems and collectively develop effective solutions.


Kiriaki Giannoulas: I’ve gained networking skills by actively engaging in industry-specific meetings and fostering relationships through client conversations. I’ve developed leadership capabilities and expanded my understanding of the diverse strategies available to support our clients’ needs.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you envision your growth at Anchin?

Beate Muehler-Martinez: My aspiration is to ultimately achieve the position of partner within the firm. While I may not reach that milestone within the next five years, I aim to make significant strides towards that goal during this timeframe.


Marlen Preyger: I envision a long-term career at Anchin where I can make a difference as a trusted and influential leader within the organization. Reflecting on my career so far, I am continuously inspired by the leadership of our firm, as well as the creative global impact that my Tech clients consistently demonstrate. My goal is to shape the future of generations within the organization and beyond, through innovative thinking and continuous mentorship. One of the areas I am most excited for is our Women in Tech (WIT) networking group. There is a need in the community to provide women in the tech space with more opportunities for education and connectivity. This group has allowed me to build relationships with female founders, investors, and connectors in the space. I look forward to continuing to facilitate connections as well as provide educational resources to the next generation of female founders.


Zhanna Korneva: In five years, I see myself thriving professionally at Anchin, further defining my expertise within my industry group and solidifying my role as a valued and reliable advisor to my clients. This vision underscores my unwavering commitment to ongoing development and aligns with Anchin’s ethos of nurturing excellence among its team members.


Who or what inspires you and why?

Kiriaki Giannoulas: I draw immense inspiration from my fellow teammates who are working mothers, gracefully balancing their careers during hectic seasons. Witnessing their dedication and adeptness in managing both professional and family commitments serves as a powerful motivation for me. Additionally, observing my sister successfully navigate motherhood and career growth further fuels my determination and admiration for working mothers.


Shawna Thibault: Traveling and exploring different cultures greatly inspires me, fostering a deep appreciation for the world and broadening my perspective on diverse lifestyles and customs. Through these experiences, I’ve gained valuable insights into the way others live, enriching my understanding of global diversity and strengthening my ability to connect with and understand others on a deeper level.


Spiridoula Giannoulas: My mom – especially after becoming a mother myself last year, I see her in a new light. She has overcome so much moving to the USA in her twenties, and she has accomplished so much. She has undertaken and achieved more than I possibly could while remaining a strong pillar for our family. She is the most selfless person I know and constantly gives to her family. Anytime I am facing challenges or a hard time I think of her, and it helps keep me moving.