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How CAS Can Help You In This Remote Working and Technology-Enabled Landscape

November 2, 2020

Since its inception, Anchin’s Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAS) group has operated as an extension of a company’s finance function, with remote work and technology at the core of our strategic model. We have a proven track record of efficiently and effectively managing accounting functions remotely for many years, not just the months since the COVID-19 pandemic struck at the heart of the traditional brick and mortar business model. Anchin CAS can assist businesses of all sizes with the shift to a prospective, forward thinking and strategic business model that fills workforce gaps, without the need for extensive training and transitioning of employees, all while embracing remote work.

Our experienced CAS team partners with your existing team to:

  • Leverage technology and tools like billing and expense management software while saving you time and money.
  • Utilize cloud-based technology to access real-time data and increase flexibility, accuracy, and speed of reporting.
  • Provide management with data-driven results and insights on how to improve profitability, contain costs, promote growth and increase enterprise value.
  • Integrate your existing team and resources with Anchin’s existing resources and widespread knowledge base to be more collaborative, forward-thinking, and
  • Deliver expert guidance for all accounting and advisory functions, specifically focusing on any functions with which your team may struggle.

Our team is experienced with a wide range of industries and will work with you in an ongoing collaboration to help you build a stable and forward-thinking company. CAS allows  your business to continue to operate in the new remote reality, utilizing our experience with remote work and technology-based tools to ensure you will not miss a beat.

If you are interested in learning more about CAS, contact Joseph Perotta, Director of CAS, Michael Cirenza, Partner and former COO/CFO, or your Anchin Relationship Partner.