Crossing Barriers Together

Today's business and investment climate and the growth of cross border transactions mean more companies and individuals need tax specialists and accountants with a combination of global and local capabilities. Whether you are a U.S. company conducting business overseas, a foreign company with operations in the U.S., or an individual with global interests, Anchin can help you design an efficient tax structure, guide you through increasingly difficult reporting requirements, help you attain your global objectives and maximize the growth of your business.

Anchin offers the required proactive advice and support through our own team of international tax experts and our global network of advisors. Our multinational tax service teams provide a wide range of opportunities for tax savings on both inbound and outbound investments and business. We also offer inpatriate and expatriate services to executives whose careers take them around the world. Anchin also provides tax planning for income, gift and estate tax issues regarding international trusts. These services include structuring offshore trusts and asset protection trusts, planning for U.S. beneficiaries, as well as ongoing planning and compliance advice to maximize the benefits of the structure. Global compliance, reporting and planning are more important than ever. Anchin can help ensure you meet legal obligations, while increasing value, efficiency and control. Whatever your cross-border needs are, Anchin can help find a solution that integrates with your strategy and meets your objectives. Anchin’s international tax experts can help you to remain competitive, maximize opportunities and to navigate the challenges in today’s global environment.

Anchin is an independent member of BKR International, a leading global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms representing the expertise of more than 160 member firms with over 500 offices in over 80 countries around the world.

Services include:

  • International taxation
    • Global income, estate and gift tax planning and compliance
    • Information reporting and withholding tax planning and compliance
    • Choice of entity
    • Planning under anti-deferral taxes regimes
    • Multi-disciplinary advice for new market entry
    • Transfer pricing – including planning, controversy and risk management
    • Cross border transaction tax planning – including mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and restructuring
    • Expatriate tax planning
    • Repatriation planning and loss utilization
    • Export tax incentives
    • Tax treaty interpretation and planning
    • Global investment finance
    • Supply chain and intellectual property planning
    • Calculation of distributable net income from foreign trusts
    • Restructuring or decanting of foreign trusts to avoid deferred interest penalties
    • Individual income, gift and estate tax planning with cross-border philanthropy and tax compliance for private foundations with foreign investments and international grants
  • International accounting and auditing
    • Accounting and auditing
    • IFRS financial statements
    • Bookkeeping services


  • Anchin Alert
    Key Tax Provisions in the BBBA for International CompaniesDecember 23, 2021

    On Friday, November 19th, the United States House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act (BBBA). This legislation contains many provisions that will affect companies of all sizes, including multi-national corporations (MNCs). Some key areas of interest for MNCs include the new corporate minimum tax rate as well as changes to the calculation, rate and Qualified Business Asset (QBAI) of the Global Intangible Low-Tax Income (GILTI), the Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) deduction and the Base Erosion and Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT). In this article, we will take a closer look at the proposed changes to these provisions (summarized in the chart below), the impetus behind them, and how they might affect small- and medium-sized MNCs.

  • Are You Ready? Key Planning Opportunities in Anticipation of Upcoming Tax Changes
    Build Back Better – The House VersionNovember 23, 2021

    The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, November 19, 2021. The bill is expected to undergo changes when it reaches the Senate.

    Nevertheless, here are some highlights of the tax changes from the House’s version of the bill that taxpayers should be aware of.

  • Are You Ready? Key Planning Opportunities in Anticipation of Upcoming Tax Changes
    Are You Ready? Key Planning Opportunities in Anticipation of Upcoming Tax ChangesOctober 20, 2021

    Here are some thoughts to consider (although note that some items mentioned are based on the draft bill released by the House Ways and Means Committee on September 13th).

  • Anchin Alert
    How the Proposed $2.18 Trillion Tax Increase May Impact YouSeptember 15, 2021

    On September 13, 2021, the Democrats of the House Committee on Ways and Means released text of many proposed tax increases. Here are some highlights of the more impactful provisions generating attention.

  • Anchin Alert
    Is it Possible to Remain a New York Domiciliary Without Paying New York Income Tax?September 9, 2021

    One of the major lessons the U.S. workforce learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that people can work from anywhere. With a simple internet connection, many employees can do their jobs from virtually any location in the world – a vacation home, a medieval European city or even a tropical paradise. For New York residents, telecommuting from a different location often offers little change in their state tax obligations. New York’s sweeping tax laws apply to all income earned by residents regardless of their remote working status. In fact, New York’s wide tax net employs two separate tests – the statutory residency test and the domicile test – to determine if a taxpayer is a resident of the state and therefore subject to state tax on all their income.

  • Anchin Alert
    Puerto Rico Act 60: How You Can Lower Your Federal and State Tax Rates Under the Resident Tax Incentive CodeJuly 12, 2021

    The Tax Incentive Code, known as “Act 60”, provides tax exemptions to businesses and investors that relocate to, or are established in, Puerto Rico. The incentives are particularly attractive to U.S. citizens who move to Puerto Rico because they do not need a residency permit, their Puerto Rico income is exempt from U.S. federal and state income taxes and they get to keep benefits such as Medicare and Social Security. Furthermore, the Puerto Rico tax code mirrors the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, making the transition much easier for those who become bona fide residents of Puerto Rico.

  • Anchin in the News
    Anchin: Personalized Accounting Services for Holistic GrowthJune 18, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to accounting firms and their clients, many of whom are still working on a strategy to combat this unprecedented situation. While CFOs and other finance professionals spent much of 2020 addressing the pandemic's hardships, in 2021 they will likely be shifting their focus toward implementing long-term plans to position their organizations for growth and profitability. Despite its toll on people and businesses, the pandemic has created an opportunity for accounting firm leaders to influence positive outcomes by reevaluating and adjusting their goals and executing wellthought-out strategies. As a result, advisory services are among the fastest-growing segments for firms such as Anchin, one of the country's leading accounting and advisory firms. Since the onset of the pandemic, Anchin’s team of professionals have made it a priority to assist their clients through COVID-19 related hardships including guiding clients through the transition to remote working, evaluating cash flow and costs, and providing them with continuous information and updates on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and other incentives and programs.

  • What to Consider Before Relocating Overseas - Airplane Graphic
    What to Consider Before Relocating Overseas February 24, 2021

    COVID-19 has caused many to rethink where they want to shelter during quarantine and for how long. Those who have the option are moving away from densely populated cities and some are even considering a move out of the country. If you are deliberating moving your family abroad, you are among many households that are considering a major change in lifestyle.

  • Anchin in the News
    INSIGHT: Taking Another Look at the Foreign-Derived Intangible Income DeductionJuly 24, 2020

    The Foreign-Derived Intangible Income (FDII) income deduction is not the simplest of calculations. Gwayne Lai, Amanda Scott, and Yair Holtzman of Anchin show how some taxpayers can use existing R&D data to get a head start.

  • Anchin in the News
    Anchin: The Virtual Strategist CFOJune 12, 2020

    Chris Noble explains how Anchin's outsourced accounting services group, now rebranded as the Client Accounting Advisory Services Group (CAS), is a natural extension of Anchin's proactive client service model.

  • Anchin Alert
    Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Offers Favorable Tax Breaks for BusinessesDecember 28, 2017

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which was signed into law on December 22, contains a treasure trove of tax breaks for businesses. Overall, most companies and business owners will come out ahead under the new tax law, but there are a number of tax breaks that were eliminated or reduced to make room for other beneficial revisions. Here are the most important changes in the new law that will affect businesses and their owners.

  • Anchin Alert
    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Overrides the Tax Court Decision in Grecian Magnesite Mining While the IRS Seeks to Appeal the Same DecisionDecember 28, 2017

    In a decision handed down in the summer, the U.S. Tax Court refused to accord deference to an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administrative ruling treating the sale of partnership interests as the sale of assets the partnership uses in a U.S. trade or business, thereby subjecting the resulting gain to taxation as income effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business. The recently passed tax reform law overrides the Tax Court decision. Meanwhile, the IRS intends to appeal against the same decision.

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Important Considerations for Living and Working AbroadNovember 30, 2017

    Many people dream of living abroad. But for all the wanderlust, it is important to stay organized to prevent unnecessary financial burdens.

  • Anchin Alert
    Tax Court Refuses to Follow Rev. Rul. 91-32 in Grecian Magnesite Mining DecisionAugust 23, 2017

    In a recent decision, the U.S. Tax Court refused to accord deference to an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administrative ruling treating the sale of partnership interests as a sale of assets the partnership uses in a U.S. trade or business, thereby subjecting the resulting gain to taxation as income effectively connected to a U.S. trade or business.

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Looking Beyond Brexit: Planning for What May Come NextJune 30, 2016

    The chief challenge to consider is the heaping dose of uncertainty that has suddenly been thrust into the political and economic global scene. Uncertainty is unsettling.



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