Preserving Your Passion

As an extension of the Private Client Group, Anchin's Art Group offers a unique suite of services specifically designed to meet the needs of Art Collectors, Galleries and Artists' Foundations.

Art is a unique asset class that requires specialized knowledge. The members of Anchin's Art Group have extensive experience in providing essential guidance and implementing appropriate strategies. Our expertise and esteemed reputation for serving clients in the art space, together with leveraging the human capital of the Firm's nearly 350 professionals, position Anchin's Art Group perfectly to meet the many challenges and issues facing our clients.

Services include:

  • Art Collectors
    • Estate and other tax planning
    • Asset tracking
    • Nexus
  • Art Galleries
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Income tax compliance
    • Needs assessment and advisor introductions – banking and other specialists
    • Specialized accounting requirements
  • Artists’ Foundations
    • Formation
    • Governance and board development
    • Family participation
    • Staffing and foundation management
    • Inventory control and monitoring
    • Strategy analysis and grant implementation


  • Time is (Like) Money - How to Make Sure You Have Enough
    Time is (Like) Money - How to Make Sure You Have EnoughJune 1, 2021

    Successful people have busy lives. Entrepreneurs, C-Level and financial service executives’ days (and nights) are filled with making important business decisions and attending client, investor and board meetings. They typically have a sophisticated and complicated financial picture. weekends creating spreadsheets to track investments and personal financial obligations should not be the reward for creating multi-generational wealth. 

  • NFT Cryptoart
    Blockchain and its Effect on the Art MarketMay 28, 2021

    It’s difficult to find an aspect of life that remains unaffected by technology. While many people may associate art collections with paintings and sculptures, art is a space where technology continues to make its mark. This article, the first in a series, will discuss some of those impacts, specifically regarding blockchain technology as a possible solution for the problems of provenance and forgery.

  • Anchin in the News
    High Commitment to Clients' Needs Delivers ResultsMay 6, 2021

    Anchin Private Client is honored to have been named “Best Tax Advisor” by the 8th annual Family Wealth Report Awards. This piece shares some thoughts from Jared Feldman, Leader of Anchin Private Client, on what makes the team successful and pays tribute to the many people, both within Anchin and among our clients’ other trusted advisors, that make excellent client service possible.

  • Considerations When Building an Art PortfolioNovember 17, 2020

    Fine Art has played an important role in the lives of high-net-worth individuals and families for generations, adorning homes and nurturing souls. Fine Art taps a variety of passions very personal to the observer. At the same time, an increasing number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals have embraced Fine Art as an important part of their investment holdings.

  • The Hidden Value of Your Art Collection During Economic Uncertainty
    The Hidden Value of Your Art Collection During Economic UncertaintyOctober 19, 2020

    A recent Wall Street Journal headline called 2020 a “bad year for art” but likely a “good year for art-backed loans.”  Bloomberg ran a similar article earlier in the pandemic, saying that the “business of providing credit against Picassos and Warhols is expanding even as the art market grinds to a halt.”

  • Anchin in the News
    Ins and Outs of Tax-Loss HarvestingSeptember 14, 2020

    Tax-loss harvesting isn’t new, but robo-advisors have brought more awareness of the concept in recent years. New portfolio management tools are also helping automate the process further, making it easier for advisors to exercise ever-more-sophisticated strategies.

  • Keeping up with Arts & Culture during COVID-19
    Keeping up with Arts & Culture during COVID-19May 28, 2020

    In a time of confusion and monotony, art and culture are where we turn to calm our nerves and learn more about the world. In many ways, COVID-19 has taken this option from us, but Anchin Private Client wants to help you explore several ways you can continue to enjoy art and culture while staying safe at home.

  • How to Transfer Art Investments to Future GenerationsMay 31, 2019

    It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that statement may never ring so true as when families are deciding how and whether to transfer their art investments to future generations.

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Protecting Fine Art Investments with Title InsuranceDecember 29, 2017

    When investing in fine art, collectors often worry about the potential decrease in value if the art or artist were to fall out of favor. While this is a reasonable concern, it will not result in an entire loss of the asset investment. Collectors need to be wary of two other risk factors when buying fine art: authenticity and clear title. While authenticity cannot be insured against, collectors can usually purchase title insurance to protect against potential loss due to a reclamation claim.

  • Sales Tax on Foreign Purchases for New YorkersDecember 6, 2017

    Understanding the full extent of tax obligations, especially given the complex and ever-changing rules governing New York, can be complicated. To ensure that all tax…

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Donating Art and Collectibles - A Discussion of Important FactorsAugust 22, 2017

    As opposed to selling art, which results in capital gains tax, or keeping art in the family, which may result in estate or gift taxes, donating art will bring a federal and possibly a state tax deduction. 

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Art and Other Collectibles - Tax ConsequencesJuly 31, 2017

    Question: Why do you purchase and collect artwork and other collectibles? At first glance, such a question may not seem to have any connection to filing your annual tax return. However, the answers you give will go a long way in determining how any income you receive and expenses you incur as well as any gains or losses upon sale or disposition relating to your collectibles are reported on your tax return. Consider which of the following responses apply to you. Then continue reading to see the tax consequences of your answers.

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Collectibles: Alternative Investing Beyond Private Equity and Hedge FundsMarch 31, 2017

    Collectible items are also a type of alternative investment — and, like all the others — come with their own rules and considerations.

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Preservation of Your Art CollectionFebruary 28, 2017

    Art has become an increasingly popular investment vehicle in recent years and as with any investment, it must be protected.

  • Private Client Newsletter
    Avoiding an Art Collection “Fire Sale”August 31, 2016

    Some key planning factors to consider

  • Anchin Alert
    NYS Art Collectors Under Scrutiny for Taxes on Shipped ArtMarch 2, 2016

    Law enforcement and tax authorities have been closely investigating electronic records and tax returns for the buying and selling of art in New York State. Art collectors and intermediaries have come under close scrutiny as to whether they have been paying taxes, maintaining shipping records and providing invoices during the sales process.

  • Anchin Alert
    The Art of Tax Planning - Part 3January 12, 2015

    This is the third installment of an article about tax as it applies to the unique subject of art.

  • Anchin Alert
    The Art of Tax Planning - Part 2December 16, 2014

    This is the second installment of an article about tax as it applies to the unique subject of art.

  • Anchin Alert
    The Art of Tax Planning - Part 1December 4, 2014

    Fine art is increasingly making headlines as record breaking auction prices steal the attention of collectors, hopeful artists, and art market enthusiasts. At the same time, the perception of a rising art market has brought fine art to the attention of investors around the world, who now consider it an alternative asset class to be evaluated alongside real estate, hedge funds, and other investments.

  • Anchin Alert
    A Tax Victory for Art CollectorsOctober 7, 2014

    In a decision on September 15, 2014, the Fifth Circuit reversed a 10% discount (previously applied by the United States Tax Court to a valuation of art) in favor of a more significant 47.5% discount. The careful consideration of evidentiary support provided by the art collector’s family, legal team, accountant and other experts in conjunction with the blatant randomness of the initial 10% discount yielded a very positive result that many think will help other art owners reduce taxes on their estates.


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