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Rent Control Challenges Take a Blow From the Supreme Court

October 2, 2023

New York City’s stringent regulations will stay intact, but opponents vow to keep battling.

Opposition to rent stabilization received a major setback as the result of a step by the U.S. Supreme Court. On the first day of its 2023-2024 term, the court declined to consider a challenge by industry groups to New York City’s controversial measures, which will stay intact for now. But opponents of the law indicate that avenues for further challenges remain open.

“While it was a blow to them, they’re still trying to go back to legislation and have the New York City Council make some changes as it relates to this,” said Rob Gilman, head of the real estate division at accounting advisory firm Anchin. However, the legislative path is a rocky one for groups like the Community Housing Improvement Program.

“There are more tenants than landlords and you’d be voting to take something away from your constituents, even though your landlords are (also) your constituents and may give you more money if you’re running, but votes win,” said Gilman. “It’s a major uphill battle to try and have changes in legislation.”