State of the Industry - CPG

About the Event

Anchin’s State of the Industry has served as a meeting of the minds for movers and shakers in the CPG industry for more than a decade. It’s an exclusive, industry-only event for brands, investors, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and others who play key roles in the industry to network, share ideas and glean insight from industry leaders. It gives brands the opportunity to exhibit and showcase their products, free of charge.

Who attends?

Past Companies in Attendanceadd

4th & Heart, A and B American Style Condiments, A.L. Bazzini, Ace Endico Corp., Acme Smoked Fish Corp, AF Ventures, Air Stream Corp., AJ Trucco Inc., Albertsons Companies, Alpha Food Labs, Ample Hills Creamery, Amrita Health Foods, Anarchy in a Jar, Arctic Zero Inc., Aripack, Artuso Pastry, Atalanta, Atlantic Veal & Lamb, AUA Private Equity Partners, Avroko Hospitality Group, Bai Brands, Balance Water, Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc., Banza, Bartlett Dairy, Be Mixed, Beam TLC, Belgian Boys, Best Market, BevForce, Beyond Better Foods LLC / Enlightened Ice Cream, Beyond Good, Big Geyser, Bigelow Tea, Bio Botanica, Bitsy’s Brainfood, Blends by Orly, Blu Arctic LLC, BMT Weiser LLC, Bobbysue’s Nuts, Bogopa Food Services Corp, BOLD Organics, Bran-Zan Holdings LLC, Brewla Bars, Bricks Bars, Brooklyn Born Chocolate, Brooklyn Brands, BULLDOG Gin Company, Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs, Carnegie Brands, Carrington Tea Company, Castella Imports, Caveman Coffee Co., CAVU Consumer Partners, Chef LMT Foods, ChefsCut Real Jerky Co., Chloe’s Fruit, Chobani Incubator, Cibao Meat Products, Cissé Cocoa Co., City Harvest, Coefficient Capital, Country Archer, Crepini, C-Town Supermarkets, Culinart, Inc, D.L. Brokerage Mergers & Acquisitions, Daily Gem, Damascus Bakery, Inc., Dang Foods LLC, Del Caribe, Delmosa, Dora’s Naturals, Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods, Dufour Pastry Kitchens, Inc., Eat MUD, EatPops, Eldorado Coffee Roasters Ltd, Enlightened Ice Cream, Esposito’s Sausage, Evoke, Exo Inc., Feel Good Foods, Fig Food, Fine Fare Supermarkets, Five Way Foods, Fleishers Craft Butchery, Food+Tech Connect, Foodstirs, Force, Forto Coffee, Four Sigma Foods, Franchise World Headquarters, LLC, Fruit Bliss, G&K Sweet Foods, LLC, Giannuzzi Lewendon, Golden Krust, Gotham City Restaurant Group LLC, Gotham Greens LLC, Gourmet Nut, Grady’s Cold Brew, GreenSeed, H Factor Water, Handsome Brook Farm, HappyTree Maple Water, Havana Central, Health-Ade Kombucha, Healthy Mom LLC / Maia Yogurt, Heidi’s Real Food, Hella Cocktail, HFactor Water, Hoboken Farms, Hodo, Hokey Pokey Ice Cream, Hummustir, Hungryroot, IDB, International Harvest Inc, Izzi B’s Allergen Free Bakery, Jar Goods, Jersey Lynne Farms Inc., Jimmy’s Cookies, JMK Consumer Growth Partners, Juice Generation, Just Goods, JUST Water, Katzman Produce, Keto and Co, Key Food, Kidfresh, Kin Social Tonics, Kusmi Tea & Lov Organic, Leblon Cachaca, Lesser Evil, Levels Provisions, Li-Lac Chocolates, Lion Tea, Living Maxwell, Lola Granola, Love & Quiches Desserts, Love Corn, Lucky’s Real Tomatoes, Luzzo’s Group, Madecasse, Magnolia Bakery, Maia Yogurt, Manhattan Chili, Mansi Premium Calamansi, Marubeni, MatchaBar, MDS Brands, Met Food and Ideal Food Basquet, Metropolitan-Gourmet, Michel et Augustin, Mike’s Hot Honey, Milk & Cookies, Misha Dairy, Monfefo, Morre-Tec Industries, Mother-in-Law’s, Nassau Candy Distributors, Nature’s Answer & Bio Botanica, Nebraskaland, NGEN Partners, Nicolosi Fine Foods, No Evil Foods, Nobu Group, Nona Lim, Nothin’ But Foods, Nounos Creamery, Nourish Snacks, NüMilk, Oasis Snacks, Oatly, Oatworks, Old Dutch Mustard, ONE Brands, Onion Crunch Inc, Organic Gemini, Owl’s Brew, Paramount Bakeries, Inc., Pearl River Pastry, Peeled Snacks, PetPlate, Pinata, Pipcorn, Plum Organics, PowerPlant Ventures, Prohibition Distillery LLC, Propeller Industries, Pure Green, Q Drinks, Raw Indulgence, Red’s All Natural, Remedy Organics, Rip Van Wafels, Rise Brewing Co., Roar Beverages, Rock International, Rosenbaum Cheese Company, Ruby Rockets, Ruby’s Naturals, RUNA, S. Katzman Produce, Sabatino North America LLC, Saratoga Cheese Company, Inc., Satur Farms, Schmieding Produce Company, Screamin’ Onionz, Sea Breeze Syrups, Siddhi Capital, Siggi’s Dairy, Simply Gum, Sir Kensington’s, Smart Flour, Sohha Savory Yogurt, Sophia’s Delight, Sound Sparkling Tea, Soyummifarms, Steve’s Ice Cream, StirItUp / Hummustir, Stur Drinks, Suja, Sunrise Sun-Ripened Tomatoes, Inc. / Lucky’s Tomatoes, Super Coffee, Supereats, SuperSeedz, Sweet Loren’s, Sweet Origins, Sweetriot, Swell, Taste It Presents, Inc., Tasty Bite, Tate’s Bake Shop, Tea Drops, Teixeira’s Bakery, The Chaat Co, The Chia Company, The Healthy Crop, The Hungry Fan, The Icelandic Milk and Skyr Corporation, The Institute of Culinary Education, The Really Great Food Company, The Saucey Sauce, The Sneaky Chef Foods, The Splendid Spoon, The Worthy Company, Tio Gazpacho, Tom Cat Bakery, Tumbador Chocolate, Unigrains, United Olive Oil Import, Corp, UrbanStems, Verday Chlorophyll Water, Veri Soda Group, Viki’s Foods, Vita Mansi Company, Vitalicious, Inc, Wat-Aah, WellWell, Western Beef, Inc., Whipped Pastry Boutique, Whipstich Capital, White Coffee Corp, Woerner Holdings, Inc., Wonton Foods, World Waters LLC, YummyEarth, Zotiko Water



Past Exhibitorsadd

4th & Heart, Balance Water, Beam TLC, BevForce, Bitsy’s Brainfood, Blends by Orly, Brewla Bars, Caveman Coffee Co., ChefsCut Real Jerky Co., Chloe’s Fruit, Cisse Trading, City Harvest, Country Archer, Crepini, Dr Praeger’s, Eat MUD, Evoke, Exo, Fig Food Company, Five Way Foods, LLC, Foodstirs, Force, Fruit Bliss, Giannuzzi Lewendon, H Factor Water, Heidi’s Real Food, Hummustir, IDB, Izzi B’s Trading Co, Kensignton, Kidfresh, Kusmi Tea, Lion Tea, Lola Granola, Maia Yogurt, Mansi, Inc., Matcha Bar NYC, MDS Brands, Michel et Augustin, Mike’s Hot Honey, Milk & Cookies, Nona Lim, Nothin’ But Foods, Nourish Snacks, Oatworks, ONE Brands, Pearl River, Peeled, Pinata, Pipcorn, Propeller Industries, Pure Green, Remedy Organics, Rip Van Wafels, Rise Brewing Co., Ruby Rockets, Satur Farms, Screamin’ Onionz, Simply Gum, Sir Kensington, StirItUp / Hummustir, Stur Drinks, Super Coffee, Superseedz, Sweet Riot, Tasty Bite, The Saucey Sauce, The Sneaky Chef, The Worthy Company, Tio Gazpacho, Tumbador Chocolate, Whipstich Capital

Past Speakersadd

  • Brett Thomas – Partner at CAVU Venture Partners
  • Peter Burns – President and former CEO of ONE Brands
  • Lewis Hershkowitz – President and CEO of Big Geyser
  • Nicholas Giannuzzi – Managing Partner of Humble Growth
  • Vincent P. James – Founding Partner of Mediterranean Snack Food Company
  • Jody Levy – Co-Founder and former CEO of World Waters LLC
  • Meena R. Mansharamani – President of Intend Growth, LLC
  • Andy Unanue – Founder of AUA Private Equity
  • Jeff Church – Co-Founder and former CEO of Suja Juice
  • John Foss – Founder and CEO of The Chia Co
  • Viraj Puri – Co-Founder and CEO of Gotham Greens
  • Jonathan White – Vice President of White Coffee Corp
  • Tyler Gage – Co-Founder and former CEO of Runa
  • Siggi Hilmarsson – Founder of Siggi’s Dairy
  • Franklin Isacson – Co-Founder of Coefficient Capital
  • Zoe Feldman – Director at Chobani Incubator
  • Mike Messersmith – U.S. General Manager of OATLY
  • Danielle Gould – Founder of Food + Tech Connect
  • Hans Tasparia – Co-Founder of Tasty Bite
  • Matt Cohen – Founder and former CEO of Kidfresh
  • Nick McCoy – Co-Founder and Managing Director of Whipstitch Capital
  • Mark Ramadan – Co-Founder and former CEO of Sir Kensington’s
  • Cyrus Schwartz – Founder and CEO of Dora’s Naturals
  • Ben McKean – Founder of Hungryroot
  • Daina Trout – Co-Founder and former CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha
  • Mark Rampolla – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of PowerPlant Ventures
  • Sadrah Schadel – Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of No Evil Foods
  • Melissa Facchina – Co-Founder & General Partner of Siddhi Capital and Founder/CEO of Siddhi Ops
  • Dean Janeway – Chief Executive at Key Foods
  • Irwin Simon – former CEO of Hain Celestial
  • Jason Ackerman – Founder of Fresh Direct
  • Brendan Synnott – Co-founder of Bear Naked

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