Employee Testimonials

“After working at three other firms, I joined the Commercial Audit group here at Anchin and spent a little over two years working in audit. While in the throes of my third busy season, I found out there was an opportunity to move to Learning & Development. I had long known that I wanted to work in L&D, but never knew how to ‘start over’ with a new career without completely disrupting my life – this was a perfect opportunity for me within the firm I already liked working at, so I jumped at it.
Thirteen years later, I am now the Head of Learning & Development and have spent more of my career working in Learning than I did in Professional Services. I work with various groups within the firm to assess learning needs, and then work with our internal subject matter experts, as well as identify outside providers, to meet those needs. Anchin holds approximately 300 classes each year and it’s my job to make sure they are the right fit for everyone’s needs. Additionally, I manage the tracking of every employee’s licensing/education requirements and maintain the Firm’s CPE records to ensure we are in compliance with NYS, PCAOB and other governing bodies. I feel so lucky for the opportunity I had to shift my career from being a client-facing CPA to managing the L&D department here at Anchin. This has made my time at the firm, almost 16 years, exciting!”

– Kristen DiNicola, Learning & Development


I moved to the city from upstate and I have had experience working at previous public accounting firms What I like most about Anchin is the people here. Whether it is people at the same level as me or those above or below, everybody is always willing to help each other, whether professionally or personally. The management here is always open to feedback on ways to make the firm better or just to improve the working environment for its employees.

– XiaoJing Fei, Tax


RebeccaI came to Anchin in 2017, when I was attracted by the ‘Best Place to Work’ awards that the firm has won, and my experience lives up to what those awards stand for. Throughout my time here, I have been able to expand my knowledge by working on different types of clients and by getting to know the intricacies of the Real Estate industry not only in New York City but also around the U.S. The people I work with are extremely supportive and instrumental in promoting my growth and success at the firm. Being a part of the Anchin Women’s Initiative Network (AWIN) has been very important to me and the firm as we strive to help promote growth for women in accounting through various events throughout the year. Throughout my time at Anchin, I’ve also greatly enjoyed being able to mentor lower level staff and help them focus on their career and development.

I’ve appreciated the flexibility of working remotely, especially with training for the NYC Marathon. Being able to balance my running with work has been very important to me. I also love being able to visit my family and friends and stay a few extra days due to the flexibility of being able to work remotely.

– Rebecca Long, CPA, Real Estate


I joined Anchin’s Tax department shortly after I got the auditing experience for my CPA license at a smaller public accounting firm. I knew all along that I wanted to be a tax professional. I have been with Anchin for over 13 years and what I really like about Anchin are the atmosphere and people. Everybody is there to support each other professionally and personally. Before the pandemic, I would walk into a partner’s office knowing they will always take the time to answer my questions, and I would do the same for all my staff. Many colleagues and I became longtime friends and Anchin is my second family.

– Sue Lu, Tax


“I started my career at Anchin after graduating from the University of Rhode Island. Growing up with my father in the Navy, my family and I lived all over the Country. Since my parents both hail from New York, coming to the City was always a constant for my siblings and me. I always knew at a young age that I wanted to come to New York and live the exciting city life.
After starting at Anchin, I knew I had found the right firm and have now been here 15 years. The partners and staff alike create a warm and welcoming environment, all the while ensuring a challenging atmosphere where only the best can be expected of you. Not only am I encouraged to grow and learn on a technical level, Anchin makes certain to support my development in becoming a well-rounded and professional individual.”

– Kate Lesniak, Audit


“I started at Anchin right out of college and can’t see myself anywhere else. I came up the ranks to become a Senior Manager in the Financial Services Department, and a few years ago I started working on Anchin Private Client’s Business Management team. This firm is my second family. They have provided me with the flexibility I needed when I had my children, and a work/life balance I would not be able to find anywhere else. Anchin’s firm culture is what brought me here and why I have stayed over 20 years.”

– Kristen Thurston, Private Client, Business Management


“After a first career as an aviation mechanic, I decided to jump start a new career by getting my accounting degree. I was hired by Anchin in 2006 after graduating from Queens College. Since joining the Firm, I have truly experienced what it means to be an accountant. Anchin offers training for all levels of employees through the firm’s Learning & Development team, which was important to me when I joined and has remained important as I grow my skills throughout my career.

Not only am I surrounded by colleagues that I refer to as my extended family, but I have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the accounting field. I’m truly honored to say that I am part of a great organization which shows appreciation towards its employees.”

– Alexis Alvarez, Financial Services


“I joined Anchin immediately following my graduation from SUNY-Oneonta. It was absolutely one of the best decisions I could have ever made. The firm is heavily involved in all of the major industries represented in New York, and I chose to focus on the real estate industry. I believe that I am a great example of the possibilities that are available at Anchin. I made partner at the age of 34 and today, serve as the co-leader of the Firm’s Real Estate Industry Group. I continue to be actively involved in our recruiting process because I know the opportunities that this firm has to offer. Anchin is a great place to call your professional home and build a career.”

– Rob Gilman, Partner and Co-Leader, Real Estate


“I moved to New York from the Philadelphia area looking to grow my career in accounting and experience the opportunities only New York City can offer. While the opportunities I’ve found at Anchin have been numerous and the exact challenge I was looking for, it is the mentorship and support that has been the real catalyst in helping me achieve my career goals.”

– Christopher Kelly, Partner, Audit