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High End Travel Trends

July 20, 2016

No matter how busy or full your calendar, summer invariably feels like the time to take time off, step out of your day-to-day routine and connect with family and friends. Many high net worth travelers are seeking unique experiences that educate, surprise and expand horizons – both abroad and domestically.

Chartered jet service can be your gateway to novel encounters. Increasingly, charter jet services are partnering with hotels, restaurants and travel advisors who can provide singular opportunities both en route and once you have reached your destination. Offerings include in-flight cultural experiences, ranging from signature food and wine from the best local restaurants (often prepared specially during off-hours to accommodate flight schedules) to pampering services for beloved pets. Chartered jets also offer incredible flexibility without a longer term or more costly commitment. China, for example, has recently opened its airways to private jets. As in many other areas, technology is changing the game. There are new apps that track open seats on private jets for those who need or prefer to make last minute decisions.

A taste for adventure. In lieu of purchasing material goods, families are increasingly opting for experiences that can forge closer bonds, often across generations. Whether it is exploring family roots or tightening relationships, wealthy travelers are designing trips filled with adventure and real life cultural experiences and inviting distant relatives to join. For families living in different parts of the world, this precious time together can strengthen connections and create shared memories while sharing their love for travel.

Looking for the real deal. Whatever the destination, wealthy travelers are seeking local and cultural experiences. In light of the digital age when even the children have become digitally immersed, families are looking to engage with real people, take part in the local culture and teach the younger generation about the world. Some are looking to the concierge to guide them to local hotspots and help them plan activities that can capture its native essence. This trend is true for both baby boomers who, at this point in their careers have accumulated plenty of material goods, and millennials. These two different age groups are more inclined to collect experiences rather than souvenirs, which makes them ideal cross-generational travel partners.