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Anchin Welcomes Elizabeth Zabludoff

February 27, 2023

Elizabeth Zabludoff is a Principal and the Family Office Services Leader in Anchin’s Private Client Group. She has more than 20 years of experience focusing on the needs of high-net-worth clients. Elizabeth has worked extensively with individuals and families and has earned her reputation as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the ultra-high-net-worth community. Her primary focus is providing family office services, and she is particularly well-versed in transgenerational wealth creation and family entrepreneurship. We are excited to introduce her to you, our friends of the firm, via this Q&A.

Q: What excites you about your work and joining Anchin?

Elizabeth: I am extremely passionate about the work that I do and about helping clients solve their problems and improve their lives. I feel as though my current position is the culmination of many seemingly unrelated skills that I’ve built throughout my life and now have the privilege of using collectively to assist our clients.

There were quite a few factors that drew me to Anchin. One was its reputation, as it’s one of the most significant firms in the family office space. Another differentiator for me was that we have colleagues in-house who have previously run single family offices, as I myself have done. A lot of our competitors have a theoretical understanding of what it takes to run a successful family office, but do not have first-hand experience. Anchin is all about expecting the unexpected, and the reason that we can do that is because we have actually been working within and running family offices. Lastly, when it comes to the services that we provide to clients, there is an overlay of planning in everything – even services such as bill-pay.  When you have people with higher-level degrees, an understanding of tax law, and experience, there are planning opportunities that exist because we collaborate as one united private client group for the benefit of our clients. We are not siloed with family office on one side, and tax, trusts and estates on the other. We all work together in a collaborative environment to plan for our clients.  We review trust documents, including the current structures in place, and help with income tax minimization, the maximization of wealth transfer, and helping families think through issues like succession planning.  We  really provide  “one stop shop,” and I find it truly impressive and exciting.

Q: What would you like Anchin’s clients and friends to know about you?

Elizabeth: I genuinely find fulfilment in helping others, and it is something that drives me in both my personal and professional lives. I am actively involved in the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) nonprofit organization, and have worked with many organizations over the years that address the needs of children who are considered “at risk.” I also enjoy mentoring others, and that’s another part of what drew me to Anchin. I knew that the firm encourages and empowers its employees with positive mentor/mentee and coaching experiences. I love seeing people being equipped to develop their skillsets and advance in their career, and appreciate an environment where people are rewarded, recognized and promoted for their achievements.

Q: If you could give your former self a piece of professional advice, or share insight with others who are just starting their career, what would you share?

Elizabeth: Growing up, I always had a strong understanding of my skills and passions, but never knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew it would all come together, and sure enough, I have a career that feels custom-built for me, that leverages all of my talent and keeps me challenged and motivated. I’d love to tell others who feel the same way that even if the path is not always clear, things can come together in the end. For me personally, my role as an outsourced CFO allows me to combine my law background, my investment management background, everything I learned running a successful family office, my desire to work with and help people, and my problem-solving skills.

To discuss family office support and other services, or to formally welcome Liz to the Anchin family, contact her at [email protected].