19 Things To Know About the New Tax Deadline

Anchin in the NewsMay 4, 2020Originally Published By GO Banking Rates
Anchin Partner Quoted: Marc Wieder 

19 Things To Know About the New Tax Deadline

The New Deadline Gives You 3 Extra Months To Make Use of Any Money That You Owe

If you owe the IRS money, you now have extra time to use that money as you see fit.

“The additional three months would provide the time to invest or use that money for other needs,” said Marc Wieder, co-leader of the real estate group at the accounting firm Anchin, Block & Anchin. “However, be sure that before July 15, you have the money that you might owe.”

Tax Refunds Should Still Be Received Within 90 Days of Filing

The earlier you file, the earlier you will receive your refund — but the timeframe for receiving that refund will likely remain the same.

“The IRS usually will issue refunds within 90 days of receiving a tax return,” Wieder said. “Assuming this doesn’t change by filing earlier than July, you would get your refund earlier.”

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