Anchin’s Services Group helps you optimize your business potential. Our more than 95 years of experience in the marketplace means that we have seen every stage of business and our experts are well equipped to advise. Anchin’s experts on public relations and advertising, technology, law firms, and consulting and advisory firms provide tailored advisory services to your unique business. 

From initial start-up through the various stages of your business growth cycle, your success means getting relevant tax, accounting, and business advice from experts who have strong PR industry knowledge. Independent agency, succession planning & exit strategies, compensation plans for upper management, benchmarking, profitability analysis, tax-deferred techniques, operational reviews, and retirement branding are a few of the services our public relations and advertising practice leaders are equipped to address. LEARN MORE

By keeping ahead of the newest developments and industry trends, Anchin provides innovative solutions to help technology companies keep growing in a highly competitive market. Our experts assist companies in developing key employee retention strategies, perform valuation analysis, and help management understand and navigate complex revenue recognition practices. LEARN MORE

To secure not only short term excellence, but set up your firm for long term health, you need strategic long term vison advisory services. Anchin works with boutique firms as well as firms with national and international reach, building on its expertise to provide you with advice and best practice guidance so you can make informed decisions about your business. LEARN MORE



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