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Construction Digest

The Construction Digest is published periodically by Anchin. A service for construction companies, the Digest contains articles which are general in nature and based on sources which are believed to be authoritative. Specific applications would require consideration of all facts and circumstances by qualified professionals. The firm will be pleased to provide additional details upon request.


1st Quarter 2013

  • Tax deal resolves fiscal cliffhanger
  • Bonus accruals may become easier to deduct
  • Building the Future: Honoring Industry Innovators, Leaders & Rising Stars

3rd Quarter 2012

  • A Salute to the New York Building Foundation at September State of Industry Event
  • How to correct misclassified employees
  • Manufacturers' Deducation a worthy project
  • Outsourcing a popular payroll option

2nd Quarter 2012

  • Anchin’s MWBE Event: 15 Companies, Advocates Honored; Role of MWBEs Lauded by New York City, SCAs
  • That Classic Quandary: Buy, Lease or Rent?
  • Preparing for Government Audit of Project

1st Quarter 2012

  • Choosing the Best Construction Accounting Methods
  • Holloway, Collins to speak at MWBE event; Register Now
  • Fraud-proofing Techniques for Challenging Economy
  • IRS Rethinks Position on Passive Loss Rules

4th Quarter 2011

  • Tax Tips to Maximize Your Year-end Planning
  • Pay-for-performance Bonuses Can Boost Morale, Productivity
  • Calls for Entry: MWBE Building the Future
  • Consider Mediation to Resolve Next Construction Dispute

3rd Quarter 2011

  • Year end tax planning: Explore incentives to boost your cash flow
  • Crossing the border A guide to multistate licensing
  • Seize the moment when it comes to gift taxes

2nd Quarter 2011

  • Track your tools: Technology can stem loss of small items
  • 4 ways to minimize your chances of an IRS audit
  • Preparation is key for contractors seeking credit

1st Quarter 2011

  • Anchin, Carver Bank Reward MWBE Community
  • Prevailing at Procurement: How to Win Federal Contracts
  • Bidding Mistakes to Avoid

4th Quarter 2010

  • Legislation Extends and Expands Tax Breaks for Contractors
  • Three Year-End Tax Developments to Consider
  • Construction Fraud: How Does it Happen?

3rd Quarter 2010

  • Register Now: State of the Industry September 30, 2010
  • Quick Fixes Won’t Solve Money Problems
  • Managing Costs and Risks of Long-Term Contracts and Related Surety Issues
  • Key Issues Reviewed by Sureties

2nd Quarter 2010

  • MTA Chiefs Address MWBE Honorees at Anchin Event
  • Key Financial Measures Can Keep You in the Game
  • Fleet Management: Keeping Your Wheels on the Road
  • Building a Good Collection Process from the Ground Up

1st Quarter 2010

  • Register Now for April, 21 2010 M/WBE Recognition Event
  • Extendet NOL Carryback Offers Tax Relief
  • Increased Scrutiny on Tax Issues
  • Better Start, Better Finish: 5 Steps to Avoid Project Delays