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Anchin Advantage is written as a service for clients and alumni of the firm.

It contains articles which are general in nature and based on sources which are believed to be authoritative. Specific applications would require consideration of all facts and circumstances by qualified professionals. Anchin will be pleased to provide additional details upon request.


1st Quarter 2013

  • Trends & issues in state & local taxation
  • Appraisal is key for property donation
  • Proper worker classification critical to bottom line

3rd Quarter 2012

  • Multistate taxation: Give your business a nexus checkup
  • IRS offers new guidance on offshore disclosure
  • Rules of the house: The tax ins and outs of refinancing

2nd Quarter 2012

  • Tried-and-true Tax Strategies for Tough Economic Times
  • Estate Tax Law Uncertainty Should Impact 2012 Planning Strategiess
  • Tax Tips

1st Quarter 2012

  • Estate Planning Key to Succession Planning
  • Exploring the ins and Outs of NOLs
  • Tax Tips

4th Quarter 2011

  • Year-end Tax Planning: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Essential Estate Planning Strategies Not to be Ignored
  • Get Ready for New Medicare Taxes

3rd Quarter 2011

  • How Identity Theft May Affect Your Tax Refund
  • Intra-family Loan Can Help You Transfer Wealth
  • R & D Credits Extended Through 12/31/11

2nd Quarter 2011

  • Icing on the Cake: Establishing a QPRT To Save Estate Taxes
  • Don't Let Your Good Deeds Go Unrewarded
  • How to Maximize Deductions for LLC and LLP Losses
  • Tax Tips

1st Quarter 2011

  • Tax Act of 2010 Offers Relief for 2011 Taxes
  • Need to purchase BOLI? Here’s How to Avoid Being Taxed
  • Anchin Honored By Organizations

4th Quarter 2010

  • ‘Tis the Season to Show Appreciation
  • Is Your 529 Plan Underwater?
  • Proposal: A “Balanced” Approach to Lease Accounting

3rd Quarter 2010

  • Meals, Entertainment Deductions: An Appetizing Opportunity
  • Will Private Companies Get Their Own Accounting Standards?
  • Incentives for Hiring the Unemployed

2nd Quarter 2010

  • Understanding Multistate Taxation to Avoid Unforeseen Liability
  • Network Assessment a "Pound of Protection"
  • To Roth or Not To Roth

1st Quarter 2010

  • Converting a Business Loss to a Tax Saving!
  • A Four-Season Approach to Tax Planning
  • Anchin Earns "Best Of" honors

4th Quarter 2009

  • Tax Strategies: Planning Helps Protect Your Wealth
  • Businesses Experiencing Losses Have Tax-saving Options
  • Valuable Tips for Tax-smart Intra-family Loans

3rd Quarter 2009

  • 5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes
  • Looking for the Silver Lining: Tax Planning in a Troubled Economy
  • Fair Value: The Debate Continues
  • Anchin Out and About

2nd Quarter 2009

  • Best Practices for Businesses in a Challenging Economy
  • "Going Green" a Smart Move on Many Fronts
  • The Road to International Financial Reporting Standards

1st Quarter 2009

  • Distress Signs to Watch for in Customer Base
  • Government May Increase Tax Audits
  • Weathering the Storm - New law suspends minimum distributions for 2009

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